Acetal Bearing Housings, Two-Bolt Flange

Acetal Bearing Housings, Two-Bolt Flange | Plastic Machining CompanyPlastic Machining Company offers low friction, precision tolerance, two-bolt flange bearing housings made from durable close-tolerance acetal. Identical to their metal counterparts, these two-bolt flange bearing housings offer incredible wear and noise reduction advantages over comparable metal products. Perfect for mounting surfaces perpendicular to a shaft axis, PMC two-bolt flange bearing housings have a half-inch base are generally 4″ to 6″ long and 2″ to 4″ wide. Available in a wide range of custom sizes, inner shaft diameters usually range from 0.75” to 1.188” and the length through bore ranges from 1.375” to 1.5”. Bolt holes are 7/16”. These are standard sizes for 204, 205, and 206 series two-bolt flange bearing housings, but PMC can reverse engineer or custom design almost any bearing housing to customer specifications.

Used in countless manufacturing processes and industries, flange bearing housings are perfect for applications including industrial equipment within progressive assembly lines, chemical and petrochemical industries, textiles, aerospace, food processing, wastewater, and capital equipment. A crucial component found in equipment across engineering, construction, and design sectors, high-performance, highly efficient bearings and bearing housings from PMC are ideal solutions for improving part life and reducing costs in challenging operating conditions involving high loads and fast speeds.

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Acetal Bearing Housings, Four-Bolt Flange | Plastic Machining Company