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PlasticStar: Your Material Sciences Digital Marketing Partners
PlasticStar advertising services expose your brand and messaging to over 200,000 unique prospective consumers per year, targeting potential customers in industries that depend on materials sciences. As the most trusted source for materials sciences industry news, our readers are highly engaged and readership continues to grow as industry professionals seek daily updates to stay ahead of the game in these quickly expanding markets.

We integrate your messaging into our daily articles, drawing attention to your website, white papers, press releases, and other informational content. And we curate your best material for the highest click rates possible.

Our modern analytics enable precise targeting that finds interested leads with precision. Digital marketing has taken over as the number one method for increasing profits, and PlasticStar is dedicated to high-visibility exposure to your brand, helping you to meet your growth goals with advertising packages designed for every budget.

Targeted & Engaged U.S. Based Purchasers
Industry professionals rely on PlasticStar to provide relevant and current news focusing on material use in automotive, aerospace, building and construction, circuits assembly, energy, fabrication, medical design and life sciences, packaging, additive manufacturing, consumer retail, machining, transportation, and semiconductor markets. We keep purchasing agents, procurement specialists, and contractors in relevant industries ahead of the curve. Advertising through PlasticStar gives your brand an immersive reach to over 50,000 e-mail subscribers and 200,000 unique website visitors.

  • 50,000 daily e-mail subscribers
  • 120,000+ clicks per year on advertisements in our newsletter
  • 200,000+ unique readers per year
  • Majority U.S. readership

We add hundreds of new subscribers each month, and frequent trade shows promoting our
newsletter and contributions to an outstanding subscriber base of genuine industry pros.

Build an Online Presence for Lead Generation
Manufacturers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers, machinists, and other leaders in materials sciences take advantage of PlasticStar’s premier product and material discovery platform. We distribute your messaging to receptive audiences, generating relevant leads with high conversion rates while growing your online presence.

Your premium directory listing on the PlasticStar material discovery platform is a lead generation tool with significant search engine optimization (SEO) benefits that keep you at the top of search results by skyrocketing your domain authority, a search engine ranking score used by all major search engines.

Search engines including Google and Bing consider PlasticStar’s high domain authority rating when determining the relevancy of content released through our distribution networks. By linking to your content on multiple channels, we create “buzz” around search terms potential customers in need of your products are using, and make sure you show up on page one.

Basic Directory Listing
PlasticStar’s basic directory listing service is 100% free and includes a company profile that
summarizes your product and services with national reach. Basic directories can be requested by contacting PlasticStar through email, which should contain your company’s contact info and service summary.

Many names in materials sciences may find that a PlasticStar basic directory listing already exists for their company. These listings can be claimed by contacting PlasticStar by email, which should contain any changes you wish to have made to your company’s contact info and services summary. These changes will be made free of charge.

Potential customers can search the PlasticStar directory listing discovery platform with keywords related to your products and services summary to find you. We highly recommend our premium directory listing service for higher search rankings on major search engines and the PlasticStar platform.

Premium Directory Service
Premium level directory services ensure you get maximum visibility online for the search terms related to your industry. By focusing exclusively on material sciences, PlasticStar can closely and consistently monitor how customers are searching for your products and services.

In addition to the company profile included with our basic directory listings, premium directory listings include prioritized positioning and prominent ad placement, products and services lead capture forms, troubleshooting, as well as performance analytics, insights, and forecasts emailed directly to you.

PlasticStar premium directory listings benefit from hundreds of backlinks and strategic placement for maximum Google and Bing indexing, making it easier for customers to find and contact you. Enlist PlasticStar’s premium directory service to start getting noticed.

Newsletter & Website Sponsored Content
PlasticStar’s mobile-first newsletters are distributed a few times per week. The PlasticStar newsletter is trusted by materials sciences industry leaders because we offer relevant, clear and concise one to two sentence article summaries that link to PlasticStar’s materials sciences online magazine. We show our growing readership less of what they don’t want and more of what they do. Part of that is solving problems, and our job is to expose your message to leads that need your products and services.

The life of your ad can span 3 months, 6 months or as we recommend a year: we run your sponsored content in multiple newsletters, keeping the readers you want to reach engaged with your brand. We create brand recognition by immersing your message among fresh daily content that keeps readers coming back with a higher click-through-rate at a lower cost than the competition.

Your sponsored content links to your websites, press releases, or other content where it gets indexed as an article, meaning your message rises to the top of web searches on all major search engine platforms.

PlasticStar Press Services
We distribute your press to over 300 media outlets, generating links to your online content and pages, which increases your search engine rankings. Our press release distribution services enable you to target thousands of potential customers in materials sciences industries, improving your brand image and multiplying your online presence.

With PlasticStar press release distributions, you can rest assured knowing that we understand your niche within materials sciences. We never “spray and pray,” instead honing in on the audiences you need to reach.

Need help with your messaging? No problem. We live in the industry and know how to write
compelling content that gets noticed by search engines and potential customers alike, exposing your products and services to prospects and keeping your name at the forethought of customers’ minds.

Going Above & Beyond
We’re leaders in marketing for material sciences. Call us for a full consultation of what PlasticStar can offer you, including becoming your comprehensive advertising partner. Save money and maximize your visibility in your industry by enlisting our premium directory listing service, press release service, and sponsored content service all in one platinum package.

Performance with Metrics & Feedback
Advertising through any of PlasticStar’s premium services provides you with detailed feedback and the metrics to track the number of views and clicks generated by your premium directory listing, sponsored content, and press content. Our campaign tracking software works around the clock to gather data that offers applicable insight into whether your message is attracting attention. We show you what is working and what can be improved, refocusing your ads to maximize their impact.

Payment Terms
Monthly payments are due by the last day of each month with the exception of one-month campaigns which are due in advance of ad placement. Prices quoted are for payment by credit card. For 30-day payment terms by standard invoice, a 10% surcharge will be applied.

Design charges are determined on a per job basis.

Campaigns may be canceled with a 60-day notice.

Publisher’s Terms
All orders are subject to acceptance by PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC, a parent company of PlasticStar.

No conditions other than those set forth shall be binding upon PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC unless expressly agreed to by PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC in writing.

Positioning of image ads and banner ads is at the sole discretion of PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC except where a specific position has been agreed to by PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC in writing.

Changes in advertising by the advertiser or its agency may take up to five days to implement. PlasticStar is under no obligation to revise advertising with less than a five-day notice.

PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC is not liable for any delays in the production or delivery of the publication or product due to any conditions beyond PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC control.

In no event shall PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC be liable for any consequential, incidental or special damages, nor for any act, error or omission, whether or not due to negligence, exceeding the price paid to PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC for the publication of such materials.

PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC reserves the right to hold the advertiser and its agency jointly and severally liable for all payments that are due and payable to PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC.

PlasticStar/SK Ardent LLC services are subject to the terms of the applicable approved advertising insertion order.

All payments for open terms orders are due within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. Advertiser shall pay a late charge of 1% per month (12% per year, compounded once per month) on all open terms invoices not paid within thirty (30) days of the date of such invoices.

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