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PlasticStar scours the web each day for the most relevant news affecting materials sciences industries. From breaking stories in the industry to trends and forecasts, PlasticStar is your source for essential stories in the world of plastics, polymers, composites, metal alloys, additive manufacturing and semiconductor materials.

PlasticStar’s network of industry professionals stays ahead of the curve to keep you ahead of the curve, delivering what’s important: news that’s looking to the future and diligently preparing you for it. That’s precisely what we do in every concise PlasticStar markets, materials, and supplier directory newsletters.

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It’s not magic. We speak with our partners daily to discuss new ideas and gather insights about the industry. We talk to engineers, capital equipment and material manufacturers and suppliers, corporate leaders, machining and small business owners to learn about emerging technologies, opinions on the state of the industry, and B2B consumer trends. And we analyze every materials sciences article in the public arena.

It takes a team, and that team is PlasticStar. Our methodical curation techniques are time-tested; PlasticStar continues to prove its value as its subscriber base grows. Fortune 500 companies, institutional and mid-level purchasers, and medium to small business owners are quickly finding the use of cutting through the thousands of articles about materials sciences published in magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters, and websites. Find what’s important, all in one place delivered right to your email in a mobile-first format.

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PlasticStar’s ultimate goal is to keep you abreast of information that impacts your company, your career, and your bottom line.

A few times a week, we’ll send you a one-page mobile first synopsis about what’s going on in your industry, delivering new, pertinent information that would take you hundreds of hours to scan, much less read to find the best material.

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