Are pop-up igloos the new Christmas markets?

The only place to be seen during the winter months – and you will be, thanks to their transparency – is in an igloo. The domed structures are popping up like PVC pustules all over terraces and rooftop bars in the capital and elsewhere. They’re being called “igloos” but they have little in common with Inuit structures – the culture being appropriated here is more Eden Project. Will they go the way of the Christmas market, which after nearly two decades has now become a winter fixture?

The Coppa Club bar and restaurant chain started it in London last year, and their domes – a ready-made version last winter, but designed especially for the bar this year – have made a comeback outside their riverside Tower Bridge branch. “We have a busy summer terrace, but in the winter it started to drop off, so our design and property managers wanted to create a space outside that could still be used, and where people could enjoy that stunning view,” says brand manager Lucy Watson. Bookings for the eight pods opened in October, and within four hours they had been booked up until mid-January. “People love outdoor dining, and in the winter, an igloo feels extra special.”

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