Five ways to end plastic waste

Delta, an edible or water soluble sachet
Delta, an edible or water-soluble sachet solution for restaurants and other hospitality businesses, was one of the winners of the Circular Design Challenge.

From packaging made out of organic waste to nano-engineering, the winners of the $2 million New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize provide real answers to the plastic problem The urgency of the issue has led to brands, governments, NGOs and celebrities promoting a host of solutions. Reusable packaging is part of the answer, and shopping bags, water bottles, and coffee cups are have become popular purchases for those trying to do their bit.

This works to replace certain types of packaging, but think about all the other different pieces of plastic we come into contact with every single day. Plastic film can keep food fresher for longer, and wrappers ensure medical equipment is safe for patients. In many cases, it wouldn’t be hygienic, convenient or feasible to go fully reusable. There are also a number of initiatives that aim to tackle the impacts of the problem, from scooping plastics out of the ocean to collecting litter from beaches.

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