HDPE Marine Board | Interstate Plastics

Interstate Plastics white Anti-skid High-Density Polyethylene Marine Board (HDPE)

Marine Board – Withstands the harshest marine conditions.

Manufactured for marine use, Interstate Plastics Marine Board HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is a superior alternative to wood at a very economical price. While resistant to salt water, a wide range of chemicals and UV exposure, unlike other alternatives, Marine Board doesn’t splinter, crack, delaminate, rot, swell or absorb water. Even under heavy foot traffic on yacht decks, it remains virtually maintenance free.

Marine Board and King StarBoard® provided by Interstate Plastics is environmentally stabilized to withstand the most challenging and roughest marine environments.

The colors of Marine Board are integrated with the polymer, retaining color vibrancy and saving you time and money from needing to repaint. Marine Board is easily cut, routed, shaped and drilled using common standard woodworking and shop tools.

With a self-lubricating formula and a high sliding resistance alongside excellent long-term durability and weather resistance, Marine Board HDPE is an ideal marine plastic for a variety of applications including replacing wood, metal or laminate walkways, hatches, walkways, cabinetry, and countertops as well as ship and boat components regularly exposed to harsh outdoor environments.

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