Meat and Poultry Film Market Outlook; Where’s the Growth?

Barrier shrink bags, like this example using DuPont material, have been applied as a packaging format for meat and poultry products.

Stagnant population growth has stymied growth a bit in what is clearly a very high-tech film extrusion market.

We’ve reported on stretch film, t-shirt bags, institutional can liners , consumer can liners, shrink film, produce film,
pouches, agricultural film and converter film in previous installments of this blog series, which provides snapshots of the results of 2017 research conducted by market-research firm Mastio & Co., St. Joseph, Mo. on the PE film industry. Here, we look at its analysis of meat and poultry film.

Total PE resin consumption in 2017 for meat and poultry packaging reached approximately 609 million lb, according to Mastio’s research, and the market is projected to increase at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 3.7% through the year 2020, reaching a PE resin consumption level of 679.1 million lb. PE film currently dominates the meat and poultry packaging market. Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) films, laminations, and coextrusions are also typically used in the institutional and retail prepackaged meat and poultry market.

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