Parley for the Oceans turns waste plastic into sunglasses

The Clean Waves sunglasses are the first launch in a series of planned Clean Waves products

A collection of limited-edition sunglasses are the first product to be launched as part of a new fundraising platform that seeks to recycle plastic from the ocean into consumer products.

The platform, called Clean Waves, has been set up by beer brand Corona and marine organization Parley for the Oceans, which has previously created footwear and swimwear made from ocean plastic in collaboration with Adidas.

The Clean Waves project is aimed at boosting the use of eco-innovative materials in fashion and industrial design.

The first Clean Waves product to be launched is a pair of sunglasses made in Italy from the plastic that Parley for the Oceans and Corona harvest from the oceans and beaches they protect.

The sunglasses are available in three colors: White Flag, Coral Sand, and Reef Camo
The organizations said that the eyewear incorporates low-quality types of plastic waste such as polypropylene, as well as “new forms of upcycled marine debris”, which have been intercepted on islands, coastal communities, beaches, underwater and on the high seas.

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Available in three colors, each in a limited edition of 100, each pair of eyewear carries individual geographical coordinates that directly connect them to a specific place impacted by marine plastic pollution.

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