PolyLux Polysulfide Polymers for Flexible Electronics


The family of Pylux™ materials all provide amorphous backbones, which leads to a variety of desirable optical properties useful for display applications. Namely, the high transparency, low color and low haze of Pylux™ films allow for clear and high-fidelity transmission of light directly through the polymer. Additionally, the exceptionally low birefringence of Pylux™ is similar to that of glass panels currently used in rigid LCD manufacturing. This allows for Pylux to be incorporated into the optical path of flexible display manufacturing without the need for compensating elements which add thickness and cost to the display module.

Polylux-H has been specifically formulated for high surface hardness and increased glass transition temperature. These properties make it an ideal polymer for a flexible cover lens and flexible touch panel substrate applications.

Pylux-H can be processed at up to 200°C featuring all of the exceptional optical performance characteristics of the Pylux™ polymer family: >90% visible spectrum transmittance vs. air, <0.5% haze, low b* (yellow index), and superb optical retardation (as good as glass).

Pylux-H is 100% UV curable, solvent-free, with an exceptionally smooth surface after curing (Ra<0.5nm). Moreover, we have demonstrated a curing speed of >20m/min for R2R manufacturing.

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