Pretium adds new 2-L PET bottle with integrated handle

Pretium SureHandle 2L bottles-crop-small

A new 2-Liter SureHandle bottle with an integrated handle was announced during The Packaging Conference this week in Orlando by Pretium Packaging (Chesterfield, MO). This new technology creates new possibilities for many products—including beverages, foods and household and industrial chemicals—that could benefit from a monolayer container made using standard PET with an ergonomic handle. Unlike typical two-piece handled containers that are made from more than one material, the integrated PET handle/body combination facilitates recycling. The bottle’s handle is injection-molded onto the preform. The 2-liter stock bottle follows last summer’s successful launch of a 64oz, 38-400 mm finish SureHandle container (see Pretium commercializes PET container with integrated handle, published August 2017). Validated by The Packaging School at the Rochester Institute of Technology for use with high-pressure processing (HPP) food and beverage applications, the 2-L SureHandle is three-quarters of an inch taller than its 64oz counterpart (red bottle below in side-by-side view of both).

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