Saturday, May 8, 2021
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Economical way to produce high-performance thin films for electronics

Researchers at Missouri S&T have found an unprecedented, economical method for creating high-performance inorganic thin films, or “epitaxial” films, used in the manufacture of...

LG Innotek Introduces ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’ Solution

LG Innotek today announced ‘Visible Disinfection Lighting’, which is a functional light source that gives the effect of sterilization by sunlight with the indoor...

Researchers sew atomic lattices seamlessly together

Joining different kinds of materials can lead to all kinds of breakthroughs. It's an essential skill that allowed humans to make everything from skyscrapers...

Covestro – Polycarbonate sheets “shape” the path of light

Solid sheets scatter light wide, selectively and glare-free At the Light + Building lighting trade fair, Covestro invites you to come and follow the path...
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