Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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New Packaging could Lower Plastic Industry’s Carbon Footprint

New Packaging could Lower Plastic Industry's Carbon Footprint: Plastics are harming the planet—that is a fact. But like it or not, they are an...

Study on Materials Assembly in Confinement

by Syl Kacapyr, Cornell University Cramming multiple pairs of shoes into a vacation suitcase, twisting and flipping them into different arrangements to fit every pair needed,...

Plastics Play a Pivotal Role in Paper & Paper Packaging Industries

Interstate Plastics is a leader in plastic solutions for the replacement of metals in manufacturing components used in packaging and paper mill machines exposed...

Advanced Material Solutions for Process Manufacturing

Plastics and plastic composites continue to shape the future of many industries including paper, packaging, food processing, wastewater treatment, lumber, assembly lines, conveyor systems,...
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