ecoBirdy upcycles old and unused plastic toys into furniture

Plastic pollution — a global issue affecting all of us — is no secret to anyone, and as we keep consuming plastic there is one industry that we try to ignore: kids’ toys. maybe it’s because the small ones love them, or because we love giving them, but these inexpensive objects — with short lifespans — are becoming a big problem. this is why at maison et objet, antwerp-based designers have launched ecoBirdy, a new brand that creates furniture from 100% recycled plastic waste. The best part of it all? it can be recycled again.

following an in-depth two-year study period exploring how to sustainably recycle plastic toys, ecoBirdy creates pieces that are 100% made of recycled plastic waste. the process starts by collecting, sorting, cleaning and grinding old and unused toys. once separated into colors, the flakes are transformed into a single item with a speckled look. rounded edges and a smooth silky surface result in furniture pieces that are pleasant to touch and easy to clean.

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