Filaments, 3D Printing Tools | Interstate Plastics

Interstate Plastics provides Verbatim’s ABS, PLA and Primalloy filaments for 3D printing applications, as well as accompanying tools and 3D printing machines.

Black Verbatim-ABS-filament

Verbatim’s filaments provided by Interstate Plastics are manufactured from the highest quality materials and produced to extremely tight tolerances to ensure consistent feed and stable printing. Verbatim products provided by Interstate Plastics ensure the highest levels of quality control.

Manufactured to very tight tolerances
using the highest quality materials to
ensure consistent feeding and stable prints.

• Spools are designed for strength,
balance and uniform feeding – ensuring top
quality prints every time.

• Filaments are packaged in a vacuum sealed
bag, with desiccant to prevent introduction
of dust and moisture.

• Durable, impact resistant filament.

• Compatible with most commercially available non-cartridge based 3D printers.

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