MK27 creates polycarbonate glazed pavilion in São Paulo

Studio MK27 creates minimalist pavilion glazed with polycarbonate multiwall panels for Micasa campus in São Paulo

Brazilian firm Studio MK27 has used timber, polycarbonate panels, white metal sheets to form an austere building for Micasa, a contemporary furniture retailer based in São Paulo.

The project, called Micasa Vol C, is located in the city’s Jardins neighborhood, known for its tree-lined streets and upscale shops. The pavilion is the third building within a campus owned by furniture company Micasa, started in 1998. The new 225-square-meter structure was designed to serve multiple functions.

“The demand for a flexible program led to the creation of an internal space that allowed for several possible uses: shop, exhibition space or temporary residence for invited artists, on a caravan that fits inside the space,” said Studio MK27, a local studio founded by architect Marcio Kogan.

Square in plan, the single-room building measures 15 by 15 square meters, with a ceiling height of 7.5 meters. Suspended from above is a globe-shaped pendant by artist Isamu Noguchi, which “punctuates the double symmetry of the space and explores its vertical dimension”.

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