New Plastic Materials Designed to Make EVs Safer and Quieter

Ascend’s new materials for EV applications withstand exposure to 1,100°C direct flame for 15 minutes and produce “crypt-quiet” comfort.

New Plastic Materials Designed to Make EVs Safer and Quieter: Ascend Performance Materials has developed two materials for electric vehicles (EVs) that improve safety and passenger comfort. The company’s Starflam X-Protect and Vydyne AVS tackle two unique challenges automakers face when developing their EV platforms.

Starflam X-Protect is an industry-leading flame-retardant polyamide 66 that withstands exposure to 1,100°C direct flame for 15 minutes, surpassing standard flame-retardant materials and aluminum tested in accordance with SAE AS5127 (a test originally designed for aerospace applications).

“Safety remains one of the primary concerns for people considering an EV,” said Ian van Duijvenboode, Ascend’s Senior Director for e-mobility. “Despite being relatively rare, critical battery failure and thermal runaway can occur and X-Protect was designed to keep people safe even in extreme circumstances.”

Ascend’s team of e-mobility application development engineers and polymer scientists created a novel solution to dampen noise, vibration, and harshness in EVs, which produce vibrations at 10 times the frequency of internal combustion engine vehicles.


Vydyne AVS is a new engineered material effective at damping high-frequency vibrations from noise sources like motors and compressors, which translates into an 80% reduction in cabin sound pressure.

One of the applications where Vydyne AVS is being used is in the Cadillac Lyriq, which has been dubbed “crypt-quiet” and “the quietest car I can remember driving” by the press. The Lyriq sports an electric AC compressor mounting bracket made of Vydyne AVS, which effectively helps damp that component’s vibrations at the source while also providing structural support.

“Vydyne AVS is the result of years of engineering development combined with our unique ability to tailor the polymerization process to target specific attributes,” said Dr. Steve Manning, Ascend’s Senior Director for engineered materials. “It’s an example of our commitment to help customers lead in innovation and tackle the unique challenges driven by this transformation to electrification.”

Ascend will be showcasing its new materials, including its low-carbon-footprint products, under the Advancing Together theme at K 2022 from Oct. 19 to 26  in hall 6, booth A07.


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