Palboard™ from Interstate Plastics Provides Signage Dent and Scratch Protection

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Signage boards are more dent and scratch-resistant than ever, thanks to Interstate Plastics’ newest signage solution, Palboard™.

Palboard™ from Interstate Plastics

Expanded or “foamed” PVC sheets produce the most cost-effective, attractive, and easily fabricated signs available. And they are now more dent and scratch-resistant than ever, thanks to Interstate Plastics’ newest signage solution, Palboard™, a new multi-layer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet composed of both smooth PVC and foam PVC. It has many uses in signage applications, including point-of-purchase (POP) signs, retail displays, exhibits and kiosks, industrial and construction signage, and routing and relief lettering. Its dent and scratch-resistance properties are especially important in outdoor signage applications. Palboard™ has been tested to EN13501 and UL94 flammability standards and is UL94 V-0 flame retardant rated.

Palboard™ bendable PVC is easy to fabricate and thermoform. It can be cold-formed with v-cuts, and its ultra-smooth and uniform surface resists the dents and scratches that signs often experience in outdoor environments and high-trafficked areas thanks to a protective film. Palboard™ has a high white index that allows for vibrant color reproduction and is only further enhanced by PVC’s inherent excellent ink adhesion.

Palboard™ comes in two variants, Palboard™ 3D and Palboard™ 2D. Palboard™ 3D is a three-layered PVC sheet with two ultra-smooth surfaces on both sides with a black or white foam PVC core in the middle to allow for unlimited and inspired creative designs through CNC cutting and routing. The two rigid white PVC sheets give Palboard™ better structural strength than standard foam PVC and are easier to work with than aluminum composite panels. Palboard™ 3D is white, available with a black or white core, depending on your project’s needs.

Palboard™ 2D is a two-layer PVC sheet with an ultra-smooth white PVC surface and a black foam PVC back for better visibility of the sign surface. It is ideal for applications or setups that require a sign with attractive black edges and a black back, such as stand-offs. Like Palboard™ 3D, its surface is bright white to help reproduce a vast selection of colors.

For more information on Palboard™ and other colorful signage solutions, contact Interstate Plastics at (888) 768-5759.

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