Prettiest fully Biodegradable 3D Printed Fashion

Julia-Daviy-3dThere’s little doubt that 3D printing technology has caused a disruption and revolutionary advancements in a number of fields and industries, from architecture and prosthetics to the fashion industry. A handful of designers, including Julia Daviy, who creates fully biodegradable 3D printed fashion, have been employing 3D printing technology to create tops, dresses, skirts, and more, all with an eye towards making the production of clothing more sustainable, more humane, and more accessible.

Born in Ukraine but currently based in the USA, Daviy is an ecologist and clean technology industry manager who saw the emergence of 3D printing as an opportunity to repair some of the pressing human and environmental costs of clothing production. She has so far designed a line of organically manufactured activewear called WILDZ, and and began experimenting with 3D printing in 2016. She estimates that there are currently less than around ten designers worldwide regularly using 3D printing technology for fashion applications, putting her at the cutting edge of a new wave of design and manufacturing.

Daviy’s bespoke pieces are delicate, feminine and functional, and she believes that the technology she’s using to create them will drastically change the way fashion is designed and produced, potentially even replacing traditional clothes manufacturing altogether. “Filament is not ready to replace fabric completely just yet”, she says, “but it’s only a matter of time. As it stands today, the technology is already good enough to create better clothes than certain materials, like leather. For example, I created a top and a skirt that look as if I used a laser to intricately cut them from a piece of leather, but it’s entirely flexible and biodegradable, vegetable based plastic. It was faster, cheaper, and more sustainable than using leather.”

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