Stratasys VA Initiative Update: 3D Printed Orthotic Gives Veteran a Helping Hand

Last year, Stratasys and the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Center for Innovation collaborated as part of the Stratasys Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program to install 3D printers in 5 Veterans Administration hospitals across the country, to use the benefits of 3D printing to improve the quality of life for veterans.

The idea of using 3D printing first came to Mary during a visit with her patient, Veteran Newton. 37-year-old Newton was referred to Mary approximately 6 years after his right pinky finger was amputated for complications from combat injuries.  He was suffering from sharp and stabbing phantom limb pain from the amputated 5th finger and muscle spasms from a 4th finger contracture which made it difficult for him to write legibly or hold tools. As a certified hand therapist, Mary was able to fabricate a hand-based orthotic for him.

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