Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Nanocrystal Materials Shines On and Off Indefinitely

Scientists at Columbia Engineering, Berkeley Lab, and UNIST demonstrate that ultra-photostable avalanching nanoparticles are capable of unlimited photoswitching, lighting the way for advances in...

Quantum Materials Could Benefit From Graphene That Buckles

Cooled graphene mimics effect of enormous magnetic fields that would benefit electronic. Quantum Materials Could Benefit From Graphene That Buckles: Graphene, an extremely thin two-dimensional...

Zinc Batteries are Great, Improvements to Compete with Lithium

by Tsinghua University Press Illustration showing priority areas for research into how to improve the performance of zinc-based based batteries, including anode optimization and modification...

New Material Will Make Locally Flexible Diodes Possible

Researchers find new material with significant potential for electronics applications Diodes allow directed flows of current. Without them, modern electronics would be inconceivable. Until now,...
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