Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Gold Nanoparticles Grow from Buckyball Seeds

Rice lab discovers commonly used nanoparticles are cousins of original buckyballs Gold Nanoparticles Grow from Buckyball Seeds: Rice University chemists have discovered that tiny gold...

Force has Strong Impact on Metal Nanosheets

Force has Strong Impact on Metal Nanosheets: You have to look closely, but the hills are alive with the force of van der Waals. Rice...

Rice U. lab finds evidence of matter-matter coupling

After their recent pioneering experiments to couple light and matter to an extreme degree, Rice University scientists decided to look for a similar effect...

Physicists find surprising distortions in high-temperature superconductors

There's a literal disturbance in the force that alters what physicists have long thought of as a characteristic of superconductivity, according to Rice University...
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