The mystery of unknown materials

Race is on to solve the mystery of unknown materialsA global scramble is underway to identify and perhaps replicate unidentified mystery materials that have been collected at multiple sites around the world. Some of the metamaterial was allegedly collected in connection with UFO incidents, which gives the whole endeavor an otherworldly glow. For years, the Pentagon secretly studied the seemingly impossible abilities of unknown craft captured in military videos. Scientists now want to know if the materials used in these mystery aircraft allow them to do what they do. For years, one of the secret studies was carried out by BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies), a Las Vegas operation hidden within Bigelow Aerospace. Documents first reported by the I-Team show that BAASS landed a contract with the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and one of the objectives was to study so called metamaterials, as well as futuristic technologies.

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