Twin wall polycarbonate sheet | Interstate Plastics

twin-wall_polycarbonatePolycarbonate twin wall is designed for an endless range of glazing and roofing applications, as well as applications requiring extreme impact resistance, including storm panels, skylights, room dividers, roof panels, greenhouse panels and patio/pergola roofing.

Twinwall polycarbonate provided by Interstate Plastics is the ideal glazing material for many outdoor applications including roofing, hobby and commercial greenhouses and window replacement. Twinwall’s notorious double paneled sheets serve to trap air, therefore increasing the product’s insulation strength. Insulation properties will increase depending on the material’s thickness.

Twinwall’s surface is protected from the degradation effects of UV radiation by a proprietary co-extrusion process. Beneficial infrared light passes through the material promoting an ideal growth environment. UV-resistant Twinwall is twelve times lighter versus glass and the resins comprising the material are specially developed for excellent flame retardant properties.

• Highly flexible
• Extreme durability and impact resistance
• UV protected from the elements
• Easy to machine and install
• Air layer for insulation
• Lightweight versus wood and steel
• High light transmission
• Multiple colors available
• Flame retardant