Releases Results of 2018 3D Printing Filament Survey

Most used filament types

As the 3D printing community continues to grow, the ways of how this technology is used have changed immensely. To gauge exactly how much consumer 3D printing has transformed over the years, we recently conducted the 2018 Filament Survey with our expansive user base.

Back in 2016, sent out its first market survey across the globe. Now, we decided to create a new questionnaire that would allow us to analyze the evolution of how 3D printing is being used. Over the two-year time span, we noticed some glaring differences in how the community views and utilizes 3D printing technology.

In our 2018 Filament Survey, we discovered a nearly equal mix of professional users and hobbyists. 43% of respondents claim that they use 3D printing for professional applications, while 67% are strictly consumers. Although home users still reign supreme, the number of professional users skyrocketed 217% compared to our 2016 survey. There was an additional 3% of users from other places, such as makerspaces or FabLabs.

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