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UHMW is a heavy-duty, high-impact plastic
UHMW provided by Interstate Plastics is also known by brand names including IPX, Polystone, Tecafine, Dyneema, Tivar®, Polysteel, GUR, Utec and Mipelon

UHMW is a heavy-duty, high-impact plastic used in a variety of extreme weather applications from forestry equipment to snowmobile skis. UHMW is virtually unbreakable, significantly more wear-resistant than steel, and not adversely affected by freezing winter temperatures. In snowplow edge applications, UHMW is much quieter than steel and more gentle on surfaces, increasing the longevity of roads and protecting aesthetic surfaces such as cobblestone and driveway transitions. Interstate Plastics cuts UHMW sheet to your specified dimensions and the material’s desirable machining properties allow customers to drill bolt-holes and mount edges with ease (and with no specialized hardware required).

Our most popular plastics for UHMW snow plow and scraper edge applications include UHMW reprocessed sheet as a cost-effective solution, and IPX 2000 UHMW advanced wear technology sheet for lower friction, improved abrasion resistance, and UV stabilization.

UHMW is the perfect winter solution for applications including:

  • Scraper edges
  • Industrial truck bed liners
  • Bucket lips
  • Skid shoes & skid plates
  • Skid loaders & skidsteers
  • Runners & running Boards
  • Plow blades & wings

Known for its extremely high molecular weight, UHMW features an unsurpassed combination of slickness, toughness, and chemical resistance.

UHMW’s molecular weight ranges from 3.1 million to 100 million grams per mole, with an abrasion resistance that continues to improve as molecular weight increases.

UHMW plastic is ideal for reducing wear and friction due to its specialized internal lubrication, reducing maintenance costs and energy consumption while extending equipment life. High durability, low friction, and wear resistance are key reasons why UHMW is the material of choice for many applications.

UHMW’s low coefficient of friction enhances efficiency and productivity in automotive, railroad, medical, printing, and packaging industries as well as for material handling and food processing applications. UHMW also replaces metal in many applications. UHMW (excluding reprocessed UHMW) has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for safe food contact.

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