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Interstate Plastics provides many grades of UHMW-PE (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) for a variety of wear, friction, and high-impact related applications from guard rails and wear strips to power transmission components in assembly lines and processing facilities. All UHMW is available in sheet form with multiple thicknesses ranging from 0.060” to over 4”. Rod and tube shapes are available for natural virgin and reprocessed UHMW, as well as for most other UHMW grades.

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Standard natural virgin UHMW plastic is FDA compliant and used for its combination of slickness, toughness, and chemical resistance. A low coefficient of friction minimizes the detrition many times seen in systems using steel parts. UHMW has increasingly become a replacement material for the construction of parts that directly replace OEM metal components. UHMW’s inherent properties lower maintenance costs by increasing equipment part life and efficiency and eliminate the creation of potentially hazardous swarf (fine metal chips). Companies switching to UHMW wear parts and power transmission components many times find they pay for themselves over the span of a part’s life.

Reprocessed UHMW-PE (a blended version of virgin and recycled UHMW) provides economical and eco-friendly wear and part solutions with almost all the same benefits of standard UHMW at a lower price point. Reprocessed UHMW is excellent for non-food applications and is commonly found in chain guides, wear rails, chute liners, truck liners, hopper liners, and many other applications where excellent wear properties are required.

For high static environments like agrarian facilities and munition plants, anti-static UHMW-PE, also known as UHMW ESD (electro-static-dissipative), can be utilized to minimize problems in conveying and manufacturing processes. A safeguard against static discharges, it has found a home in robotics and applications that are sensitive to dust accumulation and electrical charge buildup.

For increased abrasion resistance and UV stability, Interstate Plastics provides proprietary IPX 2000® Advanced Wear Technology UHMW. IPX 2000® is non-marring and perfect for long-term outdoor applications. It maintains a high resistance to corrosive chemicals (except for oxidizing acids) and offers even lower moisture absorption and a lower coefficient of friction versus virgin and reprocessed UHMW.

Tivar HPV® features the absolute lowest coefficient of friction available for any UHMW grade, due in part to a specialized built-in dry lubricant formula. Tivar® HPV UHMW conveyor systems surpass other standardized conveyor systems in nearly every metric, creating smoother running systems that minimize chances of failure, energy consumption, and risk of costly damages or injury.

UHMW rustication strips create an architectural reveal in walls or other concrete elements, maintaining a smooth and even reveal. Additional UHMW profiles are provided by Interstate Plastics, generally used as an economical way to turn an abrasive metal component into a long-wearing component that holds its shape. These are popular in conveying components and are usually a snap-on replacement part. Angles, C and U channels, as well as full and half rounds are available.

Contact Interstate Plastics today for more information on the benefits of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and to find out which grades you should consider for your next project or ongoing application.

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