VersaMax Phenolic Lockers a First Choice

VersaMax 1 Tier 3 Wide Phenolic Locker

VersaMax Phenolic Lockers are becoming the first choice for many facilities; it has a high-quality appearance and is a nearly indestructible material. The composite resin material Phenolic is a hard, dense material with a unique non-porous surface that eliminates the ability for mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow making these lockers ideal for wet or damp areas. In addition to this primary benefit, the surface of VersaMax Phenolic Lockers is also waterproof and graffiti and scratch resistant. VersaMax Phenolic lockers are built for high traffic use, utilizing high-grade hasp with stainless steel bolts and hinges with a powder-coated finish. Hinge is mounted to allow the door to open 180 degrees. Lockers can accept a padlock, key lock, built-in combo lock or a digital lock.

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