Fiber reinforced PA6 is up to 250% stronger than ABS

Owens Corning, a leader in commercial and industrial construction industries, has developed the XSTRAND™  of composite 3D printer filaments to meet the demands of industrial, functional prototyping.

In our previous profile on Owens Corning’s glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene (GF30-PP) we saw how 3D printed prototypes could stand up to the elements in a case study from ski equipment manufacturer Rossignol. In the second of Owens Corning’s XSTRAND™ range, we examine the profile of GF30-PA6, and the use of XSTRAND™  filaments to “make boats fly.”

GF30-PA6 filament is currently available from international distributors including IC3D, iMakr and ULTIMATE 3D Printing Store. Nylon 6 – the workhorse polymer Standard PA6, also known as Nylon 6, is produced at a rate over 4 million tons each year. Its primary consumer is the automotive industry that makes gears, bearings and a variety of under the hood parts from the material. It’s fiber form is also the material that makes toothbrush bristles and guitar strings.

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