Using MJ Splitters with Phenolic Plates

Use offset splitters to virtually eliminate kickback, binding, and burning.

Get precise and virtually burn-free results with the MJ SPLITTER’s mini featherboard effect. Works while cutting materials such as MDF and plywood. Each side of the splitter is offset by several thousandths of an inch, giving you the right amount of tolerance and pressure for your cut. Flip the splitter around so the + marking faces the fence to get the correct offset. Each + marking represents 0.003″, so +++ equals 0.009″. Precision and safety does come in small packages.

Foolproof installation into your Zero Clearance insert (ZCI).

The precision drill guide aligns your drill perpendicular to the table saw surface so you can drill straight into your ZCI. It’s design directly lines up the splitter to your ZCI for accurate alignment with the blade. Installation is so simple, it’s foolproof.

MJ SPLITTER SteelPro products are available in Thin Kerf (Orange) and Full Kerf (Blue).

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