Graphmatec develops 3D printable graphene filament

North 3D filament
A spool of Add North 3D filament. Photo via Add North 3D

Swedish graphene nanocomposite materials developer Graphmatech, and Add North 3D, a manufacturer of desktop and industrial use 3D printer filaments, have teamed up to develop a new range of materials for use with FFF/FDM technology.

Graphene-based, the new 3D printer filaments are highly conductive, ideal for thermal and electrical applications.

Scaleable graphene production
Graphmatech was founded in 2017 by materials scientist Dr. Mamoun Taher and serial entrepreneur Björn Lindh. Prior to founding the company, Dr. Taher discovered a method to design and manufacture a graphene hybrid material called Aros Graphene. Key to this development is that the production process is scaleable – a feat that is notoriously difficult to complete with the single-atom graphene.

Dr. Taher patented the Aros Graphene production method in September 2017, and Lindh came on board to help commercialize the material.

The first market-ready products from Graphmatech are expected in 2019.

Sustainable filaments
Add North 3D is a filament manufacturer primarily concerned with producing more-sustainable plastics like PLA which is made from renewable resources like corn starch. Some of the company’s bioplastic research is funded by Swedish governmental innovation agencies Vinnova and Almi.

In the 3D printer filaments from Graphmatech and Add North 3D, Aros Graphene is dispersed within a polymer. When the products come to market, they are expected to be a cornerstone of Add North 3D’s international expansion.

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