Thermoplastic composites recycling process

Thermoplastic composites recycling processThe ThermoPlastic composites Application Center (TPAC, Enschede, the Netherlands) and the Thermoplastic Research Centre (TPRC, Enschede, the Netherlands) have developed a new recycling process for thermoplastic composites.

Known as TPC-Cycle, the project targets production scrap by developing a recycling route for high-end and high volume markets. The objective is to retain the high mechanical properties of thermoplastic composites and reduce the overall environmental impact at an affordable cost. The project includes the process from waste collection to shredding, reprocessing and application. The recycling solution boasts short cycle times, net-shape manufacturing and is said to enable the production of complex shapes. According to TPAC, high mechanical properties are obtained by retaining long fiber lengths. Three demonstrators for aerospace parts are currently being developed to show the application in a high-value market.

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