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uhmw-pulleyPlastic Machining Company produces exceptionally precise pulleys, wheels, and rollers for high-speed applications.

We make these parts from industrial-strength polymers, generally UHMW, for minimum wear and maximum part life. Self-lubricating materials like UHMW give PMC parts wear and noise dampening benefits over the same components made from metals. UHMW has demonstrated crucial advantages in pulleys, wheels, and rollers, offering more impact strength, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance, as well as close to zero water absorption.

    • Lightweight (15% weight of steel)
    • FDA, USDA, HACCP and NSF compliant
    • Corrosion, chemical, wear, and moisture resistant
    • Low coefficient of friction
    • Self-lubricating

Drawing from a large selection of high-quality materials, we can manufacture custom parts for nearly any work environment.

You can find more info here: UHMW Pulley | Plastic Machining Company

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