wutopia lab designs kids’ restaurant as a polycarbonate neverland

multi-walled-polycarbonate-sheetWutopia lab turns everyday life into ‘magical reality’ in kids’ restaurant located in qinhuangdao, china. occupying part of a clubhouse, the new design wraps around the original facade using polycarbonate panels while vertical greenery and large staircases occupy the space between the old and new façades.

The studio designed the space as a magical neverland for kids, where each corner is waiting to be discovered. a circular dining hall and two private dining rooms are enclosed by polycarbonate multiwalled panels while circular, diffused lighting makes visitors lose a sense of texture, scale, and direction. The ground floor is accessible through a grand staircase where a starry sky ceiling creates a playground for kids using PVC hollow balls, glass fiber cloth, marine plastic balls, artificial stone and floor glue. a ‘magic’ mirror acts as the border of the playground space, distorting the realism of the place as if time does not move.

At the edge of the main space, one finds a pink memory bathroom, a sea sound bathroom, a mirror pool, a stainless steel slide, a trampoline, a bubble tree, and a mysterious picture book area. the highlight of the entire restaurant is the red flying house built on the roof using double perforated aluminum panels.

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thumbnail courtesy of designboom.com